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Bournville Film School #2

Monday, February 6th, 2012

For more photos, click here!

It’s our second week at the Bournville Film School we’ve been starting to get our teeth into things!

The young people are now working in three different groups with Richard (music, sound effects), Joanne (dramatic skills, writing) and John (camera work, scenery). Richard helped the young people to think about creating effects for different sounds that we might want in our finished film; Joanne looked at delivering lines and what difference posture and emphasis can have on the viewer; John explained about framing shots and setting up scenes to best communicate what is going on.

The evening ended with a reconnaissance of the centre and church with the view to using them for possible story lines. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Youth Round-up: January 2012

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

I pray that you had a happy and holy Christmas!

Fencing  – As part of our FAITHFUL programme of events in December we put on an evening of Fencing run by Professor Peter Northam (yep, that’s my dad). You can find some pictures on the blog. Everyone learned how to handle a weapon and some even had a go at ‘electric’ fencing – which records hits automatically – an example of which can be seen during the London Olympics next year. (more…)

Youth Round-up: December 2011

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Cocoa and Compline – Over the past few weeks FAITHFUL have been singing Compline on Sunday evenings – the ancient night prayer of the Church. We have learnt nearly all of it and the young people sing it beautifully, if I say so myself. This is generally followed by cocoa and doughnuts – yum! (more…)

Oblation at St Mary’s Abbey, Colwich

Friday, November 11th, 2011

I am pleased to be able to post some photos of our Oblation ceremony at St Mary’s Abbey, Colwich on 23rd October during the morning Mass. This was an enjoyable occation for Joanne and I which is about making the Rule of St Benedict the basis of our continuing Christian discipleship.

Timeless Approaches to Prayer

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I am pleased to announce that a short piece of writing of mine (on youth work and prayer) has been published by Grove Books Ltd. It is called Timeless Approaches to Prayer: Drawing Inspiration from Christian Tradition and is part of the Youth Series at Grove. Here’s the bit from the back: (more…)

Outreach Youth Worker – Annual Report 2011

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Thank you for the opportunity to report back on what’s been going on and what I’ve been doing here at St Francis of Assisi over the past year. Here are some highlights:

•    Our youth groups, FAITH and FAITHFUL, continue to thrive, welcoming members from the church, school and local community.
•    Our youth pantomime, Mother Goose, was a great success and involved young people and parents from both church and community.
•    Our annual youth holiday, breathe, attracted the largest number of young people we’ve yet had, with a good contingent coming from Birmingham.
•    We saw 4 St Francis’ young people Confirmed last year.
•    In conjunction with Christ Church, Selly Park we are running a course called Growing Leaders: Youth Edition.
•    I am supervising a group of youth/ children’s work students at degree level throughout 2010-2011.


Youth Round-up: Feb 2011

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Pantomime – By the time you read this we will have had our St Francis Youth pantomime. As I write, we are working very hard to produce an enjoyable event for the whole community. I would like to extend some words of thanks in advance to all those involved in putting together the pantomime: Amanda Homer, Mandy Nayak, Alison Tennant, Cath Smith, Rob Sealy, Christine O’Reilly, Roger Barber, Clare Davies and to all the young people who have worked so hard in making Mother Goose happen!
Look out for the report on the St Francis Blog! (more…)

Youth Round-up: Jan 2011

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Pantomime – Here’s a reminder of the youth pantomime – 29th January 2011 at 2pm and 7pm – to which everyone is cordially invited! Much work has been but into Mother Goose and tickets are available to be reserved at the parish office from Amanda, Carol or Paul on 472 7215. Tickets are…

Adults: £4     Under 18s: £2    Family: £10


Youth Round-up: Dec 2010

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Growing Leaders – Growing leaders, our joint initiative with Christ Church, to train and develop young leaders continues in December. Please keep our young people in your prayers as they look in more depth at their calling to be leaders and disciples of Christ. (more…)

Youth Round-up: Oct/Nov 2010

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Quick Catch Up! – Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to produce a Youth Round-up during October as it coincided with a number of things that all happened at the last minute, and culminating with my family moving house (although I knew about that one in advance)! And so there’s a lot to fit in… (more…)