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Communion before Confirmation

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Godly Play - The Good Shepherd

After more than a year of reflection, prayer and teaching, the PCC have decided to begin the process of admitting people to communion before confirmation. The next stage in the process is for the PCC to draw up a policy in line with the Church of England’s guidelines and then submit it to the Bishop for approval. Once this has been done we will be able to begin preparing people to recieve communion. The rules are that people must be baptized and have undergone a preparation course. This opens up the possibility of children, who are perhaps too young to be confirmed (which in many ways is more of an adult commitment), to receive communion. There will be more to say about this as the process unfolds but I believe this both fitting and exciting.

Retreat to Advance!

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Some reflections on my stay in a Benedictine Monastery
– In words and pictures –s8001447.JPG

To see a slide-show of pictures from my stay, please click on the link below:
St Michael’s Abbey

From Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th November I spent some personal retreat time at St Michael’s Abbey in Farnborough, Hants. It is home to a Benedictine community of about 7 monks who live in accordance with the Rule of St Benedict – working and praying – as many others have done over the past 1500 years. My intention was to live alongside the monks, following their pattern of prayer, and to begin to understand something of their spirituality.

The first thing I needed to grasp was the way in which their life revolved around prayer. This becomes apparent when you realise that community prayer is said 8 times a day at various times… (more…)

Welcoming the new Bishop of Aston

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Bishop AndrewAt a special service at Birmingham Cathedral today we welcomed The Rt Revd Andrew Watson to the Birmingham Diocese as the new Bishop of Aston. Bishop Andrew has moved with his family from Twickenham, where he was vicar, to take up this new role. He preached the sermon at the service which was a call for every member of the church to join in with God’s mission in the world; what he called ‘Operation Seek and Save the Lost’. If that work of seeking and saving the lost was just the responsibility of the bishops then at most they could be reaching two people a day – one each. If it was the sole responsibility of the parish clergy then they could only be reaching two hundred a day. But if it became the shared work of the whole people of God then it could be 14,000 people a day (which is the number of people who attend a Church of England service every week) – even more if you counted our ecumenical partners.

We look forward to welcoming Bishop Andrew to Bournville in the near future and to benefiting from his experience, vision and leadership.

Youth Round-up: Oct 08

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Welcome to the Youth Worker’s latest roundup looking back over the month of October.

A Whole Year – Wednesday 29th October marked a year to the day since I started work as the Outreach Youth Worker for St Francis of Assisi. Time has flown, which I think is a good sign, and I’ve certainly been enjoying it. I’m already looking forward to spending the coming year with our young people in the parish, schools and in the community. (more…)