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Yes to God: A Sermon to Celebrate 60 Years of Ordained Ministry

Monday, September 25th, 2017

On 24th September 2017 my Dad, Gervase Babington, celebrated the 60th anniversary of his Ordination as a Deacon.  There was a lovely celebration at their church in Lincoln, St Nicholas, at which I preached and Dad gave the final blessing.  Thanks to all the people of St Nicholas church for making us welcome and for their love and care over the years.  Below is the full text of my sermon.


Yes to God


May I be helped to speak in the name of the Living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

First, can I say a huge thank you to the Vicar, Hugh, for inviting me to preach this morning and indeed for encouraging this celebration to take place today.  It is really wonderful for us all to be here for this celebration of a lifetime of ministry.

When Gervase, my Dad, moved after 16 years from being Rector of Waddington to become Vicar of Gainsborough, one of the congregation said to him, “I’ve timed all your sermons and you never preached for less than 7 minutes and never more than 12!” So, if you would like to set your timers now I will see if I can keep within that range.  One of my dad’s maxims about preaching is that a sermon should be about two things:  about God and about 10 minutes.  Whilst this sermon will be about those two things, I would also like to stretch that rule today because this sermon will also be about my father and his ministry as a deacon and priest.

60 years ago this week, Gervase Babington was ordained as a deacon in Sheffield Cathedral by Bishop Leslie Hunter.  It was a time of great change and challenge:  under Bishop Leslie Hunter, Sheffield was a forward-thinking diocese engaging with industrial mission, encouraging lay ministry, and exploring new patterns of ordained ministry.  It was also a time of great popular spiritual and theological questioning, exemplified by the controversial book Honest to God. (more…)