Jesus, the risen Christ, is with us…

A Pilgrimage of Trust and the Emmaus Road

Luke 24.13-35


Jesus, the risen Christ, is with us.

The gathering of people from across Europe this weekend in Birmingham is part of the Taizé Community’s pilgrimage of trust on earth – we are travelling together as people sharing in a journey of faith.  We can learn at least four things from today’s gospel story to encourage and inspire us as we continue on this pilgrimage of trust.

First, Jesus, the risen Christ, is with us when we walk together.

Jesus is with us even when we do not recognize him.  He is with us in the stranger who shares our journey.

He is with us when we are doubting, discouraged or in despair.

He is with us even when we are walking in completely the wrong direction, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, walking away from the amazing things that God was doing in Jerusalem…


Second, Jesus is with us when we open the scriptures together.  It is wonderful when we experience that sense of God speaking to us in the words of the Bible and we, too, can say: ‘Did not our hearts burn within us as he spoke with on the road?’

We can learn about God from the living Word of God in the Bible.  We learn best and we learn most when we learn from each other, when we interpret the story of our lives in the light of the story of salvation. Just as Jesus interpreted the experience of the disciples as he opened the scriptures to them.


Third, Jesus is with us in the breaking of bread.

Many Churches teach and many Christians believe in the real presence of Jesus in the bread and wine of communion.  What we must remember about that teaching of the real presence is that Jesus is present in the whole action of the Eucharist.  He is not just present in the bread and wine; he is present in our gathering, in our thanking, in our praising, in our sharing, in our responding, in our receiving.  But it is not what we are doing that makes him present, his presence in the sacrament of communion is his gift of himself – it is the free gift of grace.  He is with us because this is his table, he is the host, he is the one who invites us to come to him to receive.  We are the Lord’s people, gathered around the Lord’s table, on the Lord’s day.


Fourth, Jesus is with us in our proclamation of his life and love.  Just as those disciples on the Emmaus Road rushed back to Jerusalem to share the good news and to share their joy, so are we sent out each week to proclaim the gospel in word and deed.  The service ends with the word ‘Go in the peace of Christ. Alleluia. Alleluia!’  Jesus is with us as we share our faith.

What little faith we have to share, it is enough; the little confidence we have to share it, it is enough.  The gospel of Jesus is a call to joy and simplicity of life.  The gift of the Taizé Community is that it shows us how we might do that.  The little we have is enough.  So let us remember that we, too, are sent out to experience the joy of sharing the story of our faith in Jesus.

Jesus, the risen Christ is with us:

With us when we walk together in friendship;

With us when we open the Bible together and listen and learn from each other;

With us when we break bread;

With us when we share our faith and make God’s love known.

Jesus, the risen Christ is with us.  Alleluia. Amen.