Youth Round-up: July 2010

“Trying to be Christian” – I attended a youth work training day at my old college in Nottingham to hear Nick Shepherd, executive team leader at the Centre for Youth Ministry, speak about how young people are engaging with the Christian faith today. He spoke about how young people saw their involvement in youth groups and church in general. He explained that community is as important as ever in providing fixed points for a young person’s faith. He also touched on the fact that ritual enables young people to experience and live out their Christianity in profound ways. I have come back inspired to put some of this into practice at St Francis Church!
Lickey Hills – At the end of May FAITHFUL spent a Sunday evening at the Lickey Hills. It was a pleasant night weather-wise and we played a few games, explored the beautiful countryside and generally enjoyed one another’s company. Thank you to all those who helped ferry people to and from the visitors centre.
Confirmations – On 13th June four young people from St Francis School were confirmed at the Ascension Church in Stirchley, by Bishop Andrew Watson the Bishop of Aston. Although I wasn’t present I am told that it was a beautiful service and I’m grateful to parishioners who made the trip over there to support the candidates. Please keep Campbell Morgan in your prayers – he was unable to be Confirmed on the day due to illness.
Jailbreak – Both FAITH and FAITHFUL had the opportunity to see Jailbreak, the Roger Jones Musical in June. FAITH also helped to organise the refreshments during the rehearsal beforehand. The choir was made up of over 50 singers so it was a big job which involved setting up and clearing and washing up afterwards. As the youth worker, I was very proud of the way the young people welcomed and served the refreshments and many people commented on the young people’s hospitality.
Paul Northam