Breathe 2010 – Pictures & Comments

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Below are a few comments written about breathe 2010!

  • ‘Breathe, a place of co-operation and teamwork to provide a sense of liberation and spiritual depth to the lives of young people.  It really is amazing what God can do without the distractions of technology’
  • ‘Breathe is such a fantastic way to open up and break away from your life’s constant routines.  The activities this year were phenomenal, particularly the high wires!  This was such a positive experience that I will never forget!!’
  • ‘Breathe is amazing!  Everytime I come I get moved in a different way’
  • ‘If heaven were a place on earth, then it’s Breathe.  Sounds cheesy, but it’s true’
  • ‘T’was excellent!  So much fun, it should be illegal!!’

* All young people gave their permission to be photographed.