Youth Round-up: Oct/Nov 2010

Quick Catch Up! – Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to produce a Youth Round-up during October as it coincided with a number of things that all happened at the last minute, and culminating with my family moving house (although I knew about that one in advance)! And so there’s a lot to fit in…

Growing Leaders – In association with Christ Church, Selly Park we are running a Growing Leaders course for young people in our youth groups. We hope to encourage them to discover God’s call on their lives in new and exciting ways!

Snowdonia – I had a fantastic time in Snowdonia with St Francis yr 6 in September. I enjoyed it even more than last year and I’m looking forward to working with the young people during the year ahead and in their new schools.

Centre for Youth Ministry – I have been asked to lead a small group of youth/children’s/schools work students from the college where I trained as a youth worker. I’ll be helping them through the course, offering them opportunities to practice what they’ll be learning, but in a group environment.

We Belong Together – I had the privilege of leading a workshop at a recent training day on All Age Worship. I shared some reflections from a youth work perspective on the topic of Prayer, and how we can use certain tools to help people to discover the power of prayer afresh in their own lives, and especially in an all age worship setting.

Safe Online – The Diocese hosted another of their most excellent training days – this time on being safe on the internet. As my work grows there will be opportunities for greater communication through digital media, but this means making sure that the young people who relate to St Francis Church through e-mails, the new website, social networking sites (and the like) are kept safe.

Quasar with Reloaded – FAITHFUL united with Reloaded (from Christ Church, Selly Park) to hire out Quasar for an evening of fun and friendship, continuing our commitment to work more closely as churches on a youth-work front.

Paul Northam