Youth Round-up: Dec 07

I’m thrilled to have reached Christmas in one piece! I haven’t enjoyed a Christmas season this much for some time and I can look back with genuine gratitude over all that’s happened this year – particularly for the young people I’ve met and all those (young and old) I’ve worked with here in Bournville.
December was very busy, not least at FAITH, but it was always good fun! Amid the games, food, music and mayhem that accompanies a FAITH night we looked at ways of making space for Jesus at Christmas: as a result, our young people were involved in charitable giving, decorating the Christmas tree, and attending a Wednesday night Eucharist after which we discussed Peter’s Advent meditation over doughnuts and hot chocolate! I’ve started to get to know many young people at our local schools too.  Bournville Secondary School invited me to do some dinner duty as a way of introducing myself and I’ve attended a number of assemblies. January promises to be just as busy with projects beginning in Bournville Secondary School in the form of a Wednesday afternoon drop-in and some pastoral work with groups and individuals. I will also be looking to spend some time with Yr 6 at St Francis’ School in the not too distant future.
Please watch out for up and coming youth events and programmes over the next few months which will be published on the youth notice board at the back of church.

On a personal note, over the coming month Joanne, Erica and I will finally be moving into the area. This will obviously benefit us as a family because it will mean I can be closer to home, but it will also benefit the work because I’ll have my ear closer to the ground and be more able to spend time with our young people.

Finally, I would like to encourage you to continue praying with me for our young people here at St Francis’ and for all young people who live, study or work locally.
Wishing you a New Year full of hope and joy,