Youth Round-up: December 2011

Cocoa and Compline – Over the past few weeks FAITHFUL have been singing Compline on Sunday evenings – the ancient night prayer of the Church. We have learnt nearly all of it and the young people sing it beautifully, if I say so myself. This is generally followed by cocoa and doughnuts – yum!

Please note that there are regular services at church throughout Advent on Monday lunchtimes and evenings and I would encourage you to discover this daily prayer of the Church in preparation for Christmas.

Christmas Banners – Do look out for some banners which will be put in the cloister as we approach Christmas. They will be images of a nativity scene created in fabric by the young people of FAITH.

Still on the Christmas theme, can I thank all the young people who worked hard to prepare and run the games at the Christmas market and to make and sell cakes which went towards the amazing total that was raised this year!

A Big Thank You! – Following the appeal I made last month for helpers at the new Wednesday night youth club, I was incredibly grateful for the response from so many people who offered their time so generously. This has meant that we have been able to run the club with our young leaders, and even though we’ve struggled for members we are in a position to hit the ground running when the club increases in popularity.

Christmas Baby – You may already know that we are expecting a baby around Christmas. Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes for my family and for the birth.

Paul Northam