“One Enchanted Evening”

On Sunday 11th January we had the privilege of welcoming magician Mark Townsend to St Francis’ Church. He was already known to many from his visit towards the end of 2008, but this was an opportunity to experience a full show and to see the talent that brings together the thrill of live magic with reflections on the mystery of God’s presence in everyday life.

FAITH (our young peoples’ group for school years 6-9) and FAITHFUL (our young peoples’ group for school years 10 and above) were hosts for the evening and also welcomed, served refreshments and sold Mark’s books. The event was open to young and old and we estimate that there were just under 100 in attendance.

Mark amazed us all with his use of suggestion (which he explained was a major feature of his magic) and demonstrated his gift of prediction through card tricks and the like. The first half of the night had the feel of a more regular magic show but the second half brought out the everyday magic we see all around us from the seemingly miraculous properties of various elements to the uniqueness that can be found in a single snowflake.

 If you have any particular memories of the night, please feel free to leave a comment below telling us about it.