Sleeping Beauty


Four months of very hard work came together at the end of January in the form of Sleeping Beauty, our youth pantomime.

I don’t think you realise what goes onto something like this until you actually put one on! For example, where exactly do you get three 3m stage flats, 24 stage blocks, 20 metres of black curtain, 6 office partitions, 4 rover and 4 suspended mics, not to mention costumes for 20+ actors, a myriad of props and the all important spinning wheel? This could only have happened at St Francis’!

The pantomime was produced by Amanda Homer, who brought her experience of past productions with her. We also had the help of many parishioners with costume, stage and prop design, sound, light and effects and other practical work without which it wouldn’t have happened. Most importantly, Sleeping Beauty starred some of our young people from FAITH and FAITHFUL who sacrificed many a Sunday afternoon to learn lines and stage directions.

Two performances were given on Saturday 31st watched by over 200 people and were very well received. We are so grateful to all who were involved and the generous support shown by the parish. The money raised will go to funding future youth work as well as to a charity chosen by the young people.

A heart-felt thank you to all.