Bournville School Newsletter 6th July 09 – “Reflection”

For those of you who may be considering becoming a Nun I’d like to give you a heads up right now! In certain Convents (the place where Nuns live) you’re not allowed to get dressed in the morning with the help of a mirror – you have to do your hair and adjust any headgear by touch alone.

For some people a mirror would probably be the single most difficult thing to live without. While we may have our L’Oreal make-up to put on in the morning and our Nicky Clarke straighteners to style our hair, it would be almost impossible to do this ourselves without the help of a mirror.

So why would any self-respecting person be willing to leave the house in the morning without checking in the mirror first, and run the risk of looking like a toilet brush? A Nun would tell you that God is more interested in the inward, rather than the outward, appearance – she’d say that after years in a convent, where there is a different understanding of beauty, you’d probably get used to life without mirrors.

You’ll be relieved to know that I’m not suggesting you smash up all your mirrors. However, if we spent as much time reflecting on our inner-selves as we do on our outer-selves we might find that people begin to notice us for our inner beauty too, which is actually the only beauty guaranteed to last for a lifetime.